My Inner Circle

So my older sister is a psychoanalytic therapist/ social worker and because I’m interested in absolutely everything, she’s always sending me cool articles or telling me about cool concepts within her line of work. One of the things we have discussed recently is the activity of finding out who is in your “inner circle”. In a quick “inner circle of dummies” definition, you draw a big circle, and then draw a slightly smaller circle inside. You would be in the very center of the inner circle. Then you place people within these circles, based on how close they are to you and how well you trust them, in relation to everyone else you’ve placed in the circle. And of course, those who are within the inner circle and closest to you are the ones you are comfortable to be yourself around, confident enough to talk to about anything, etc.

I haven’t actually physically drawn the circles to complete the activity but I’ve given it a lot of thought and can see where people are, in relation to myself and others. This entry describes the closest people within my inner circle.

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Hello again

I look around and see a familiar setting. I haven’t been here in a while, but I have been here many times before. Nothing has changed, yet everything is different. The most classic of juxtapositions; the most conflicting of feelings.

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The last three years

Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve seen my mother since I was 21 years old and that got me thinking… a lot can happen over a period of three years. I’ve learned more about myself in the last three years than in all the other years combined so in my very first entry, I am going to tell you about the most important lessons I’ve learned from my early twenties.

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